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To Read

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To Read

Day 2 — I’ve made a number of resolutions for 2012, and one of them is to read for pleasure.  I feel as though I’m constantly reading, but it’s work, work, work.  It’s time I prioritize I devote more time to reading the books I want to read.

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I Resolve

Day 1 of 366 — I tried the 365 project in 2010 and made it into the summer before dropping out. As I take on the challenge again, I am resolving to see it through until the end of 2012.  As for the content of today’s photo, I’m also resolving to give up my daily soda habit.



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The Entry

Day 186 of 365

In less than a month, I will be moving to a new town to begin a new phase of my career.  Today I signed the lease for what will become my new home.  I love this house.  As this photo of the entry shows, it’s a charming older house will all kinds of possibilities.

Inside view of the front door of house

Happy 4th of July 2010

Day 185 of 365

American Flag

White Hibiscus

Day 183 of 365

White Hibiscus

Crazy about a Mercury

Day 181 of 365

Pink Mercury

Scarlet Hibiscus

Day 180 of 365

Scarlet Hibiscus