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Cabin Fever

Little girl with bag looking out window


Day 13: Bobby Flay vs. Ed Mitchell

What an exciting day!  Haywood Hall played host to Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  A week ago, I booked a production for the Food Network, but all I knew was that it would be a feature during their upcoming Grill Week.  The production staff told me they were coming to Raleigh to profile local Pitmaster Ed Mitchell, and I never suspected that there might be more to it than that.  What can I say?  I’m gullible!

Earlier this week, the weather was gorgeous here in Raleigh.  Unfortunately, that taste of spring was just a teaser.  Today was cold and rainy — not exactly grilling weather.  But the production crew was amazing.  They made everything work, and the day was a great success. 

I know this photo is poorly focused, but it’s the only one I got of Bobby and Ed by themselves.  All of the guests were anxious to get a photo or autograph, so I got only one chance at this particular shot.  I honestly don’t know what happened with the focus.  Let’s pretend like someone bumped me.  I didn’t take many photos today because I did not want to interfere with the work of the production crew.  They asked that no one photograph while they were filming, and I was careful to respect their wishes.  I do have a few more photographs which can be found on the Haywood Hall blog.

 Bobby Flay & Ed Mitchell

North Carolina Inaugurates Its First Female Governor

Today’s inauguration of Governor Bev Perdue is historic in that she becomes North Carolina’s first female governor.  For me, the day was significant simply because it was the first time I had attended an inaugural event.  All week long I’ve watched out my back door as preparations have progressed, and it’s been as though I could feel an increasing excitement.  By this morning, I was more than ready for the big day.

I was greatly impressed the Inaugural Ceremonies, which were held on the steps of the Archives and History Building.  I have heard that there was seating for 5,000 people.  I found a seat about 1/4 of the way back and was able to take photographs throughout the event.  


Governor Perdue listens to opening remarks.

Governor Bev Perdue


Governor Perdue delivers her inaugural address.

 Governor Perdue Delivers Her Inaugural Address


Governor Perdue's Speech


As excited as I was about the inauguration, the highlight of the day came after the Governor’s address when I finally got to see my lifelong hero — Andy Griffith.

Andy Griffith 

Andy Griffith Reads a Poem Written by Wife Cindi


Andy Griffith at NC Inauguration


Andy Griffith January 10, 2009


After the cermonies had concluded, I walked down Blount Street to look for a friend who I suspected might be there with the Highway Patrol.  While I didn’t find my friend, I did discover the exit where the Council of State and distinguished guests were leaving.  There I had a close-up view as three North Carolina governors and one senator exited the building.  As a matter of fact, I was even lucky enough to shake hands with and speak to Governor Perdue and Senator Hagan.

Governor Mike Easley

Governor Easley


Governor Perdue greets well-wishers.

Governor Perdue & Bishop Battle


Governor Perdue as she exits the Archives Building


Governor Perdue Shaking Hands


Former Governor Jim Hunt

Governor Hunt


Senator Kay Hagan poses for a photo with Griselle Williams, a Smithfield Middle School teacher.

Senator Hagan & Ms. Williams