Linville Falls

The highlight of my day may have been hiking the mountain trail to view Linville Falls.  This hike was quite a challenge for me.  Sure, I’m out of shape, but that wasn’t the problem.  I am absolutely terrified of snakes, and I normally do everything I can to avoid wooded paths during the summer.  But I was determined not to let that fear keep me from seeing the falls.  I made it to the first viewing area without any threatening encounters and was on my way to pick up the trail to the second overlook when a friendly hiker suggested I might want to photograph the you-know-what that was curled up on a tree beside the path.  I know some people will think I sound silly, but I immediately froze and put my hands up to shield my peripheral view.  I had no choice; I had to go forward to out of the woods.  I not-so-calmly explained to the hiker that I could not look at the you-know-what and asked her to please talk me through that section of the path.  She laughed, but she walked with me back to the main trail.  At that point, I considered running back to my car but I really, really wanted to see the falls from the upper overlook.  Fortunately, the friendly hiker was willing to be my lookout for the rest of the trek, and I was able to see this great view of the falls. 

Linville Falls


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About Sheryl Long

Director of Teacher Education and Graduate Studies in Education Salem College Winston-Salem, NC

2 responses to “Linville Falls”

  1. Deborah says :

    This picture is amazing! And I am SO proud of you for getting it, considering the obstacles.

  2. Sheryl Long says :

    Thanks! I want to go back specifically to visit waterfalls, but it will have to be a cold weather trip.

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