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O’er the Home of the Brave

Day 151 of 365

Late this afternoon I visited Raleigh National Cemetery and was there at 5:00 p.m. when they raised the flag from half to full mast.

Raleigh National Cemetery



Day 149 of 365

These gardenias are planted along the walkway leading up to the back porch of Haywood Hall.   I love the way their fragrance greets me the moment I step out onto the porch. 


Walter Reed’s Murfreesboro Home

Day 144 of 365

This week I made my first visit to Murfreesboro, North Carolina.  I instantly fell in love with this historic little town.  Because I was there on business, I did not have much time for photography, but I did capture this shot of the house where Walter Reed lived in Murfreeboro.

Walter Reed's Home in Murfreesboro

Cake in the Parlor

Day 143 of 365

Wedding Cake with Blue Hydrangeas

Bethany’s Bouquet

Day 142 of 365

Bouquet of flowers

The Riverfront

Day 140 of 365

I spent the day in Wilmington, so of course I photographed my favorite downtown view, the Riverfront from across the Cape Fear River. 

The view of downtown Wilmington from across the Cape Fear River

Ph.D. Graduation

Day 135

Although I did not take this photo, it is unquestionably my photo of the day.

Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony