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Little Red Wagon

Day 114 of 365

Red wagon in front of door to white wooden building


Fabius Haywood

Day 110 of 365

This portrait of Fabius Haywood, son of John Haywood, hangs in the parlor of Haywood Hall. 

Portrait of Fabius Haywood

Between the Slats

Day 109 of 365

Dark pink rose growing between fence slats

Gardening Plans

Day 118 of 365

Red gardening gloves and seed packets

This Year’s First Bride and Groom

Day 117 of 365

Today was our first wedding of 2010 at Haywood Hall. 

Bride & Groom Cake Topper

Garden Dinner

Day 116 of 365

This week kicked off our spring events at Haywood Hall.  It has shaped up to be quite a busy week:  four meetings, two dinners, and one wedding.  This evening was the Brown-Sumner rehearsal dinner, catered by Catering Works.  For these events, I often photograph the set-ups and feature many of them on the Haywood Hall blog.  I like this photo because it shows the lovely table setting and centerpieces, but if you look closely, you can see one of the napkins in the chair in the foreground.  It was a breezy evening, and the wind made it hard to keep candle lit and napkins in place.

Table set for dinner in outdoor gardens

Commotion on East Edenton Street

Day 105 of 365

We were hosting a picnic for the North Carolina Bar Association at Haywood Hall tonight, and as their event was winding down, it got very noisy behind us on East Edenton Street.  When I walked out back, I discovered why.  Last weekend, they began this resurfacing project, but they haven’t worked on it since Sunday night.  I guess they decided to get an early jump on the weekend.

Construction equipment used for resurfacing Edenton Street