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Day 90 of 365

I enjoyed spending the day with my cousin Dawson and his classmates as they visited Raleigh on their 4th grade field trip.  I think they’re favorite place was the Museum of Natural Sciences.  I took this photo in the museum’s Living Conservatory.



Easter Approaches

Day 89 of 365

How shall I fill the baskets?

Two empty baskets


Day 88 of 376

March 29, 2010 — Today I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation. 

Title Page of Dissertation

The Governor’s Tulips

Day 87 of 365

The tulips are blooming at the Governor’s Mansion.

Pink tulips

Day 86

Day 86 of 365


Falls of the Neuse Bridge

Day 85 of 365

On my way home from observing student teachers at Wakefield Middle School, I stopped to photograph the bridge over the Neuse River at the Falls Lake Dam.  In this photo, the clouds look awfully threatening, but it didn’t rain until early evening.

Bridge over Neuse River

She’s Got Her Hair Up

Day 84 of 365

Although I like having long hair, I have to be able to pull it up out of my way.  Back in my TCMS days, I almost always came to school with my hair down, but as the day progressed and the temperature in my classroom rose — or my patience declined — my hair usually went up.  My students learned to read it as a barometer of my temperament.  “She’s got her hair up” became code for “Watch out.” 

Brown hair clip