Archive | February 2010

Sunday’s Apple

Day 59 of 365

Tonight I was running low on ideas for a photograph.  In desperation, I grabbed an apple from the fridge.



Homemade Cupcakes

Day 58 of 365

I have such a busy weekend that I’m having to priortize my “to do” list.  I decided homemade cupcakes are definitely worth the effort.

Close-up of chocolate and vanilla iced cupcakes

Futuristic Sedan

Day 57 of 365

This toy car is a new addition to my friend’s collection.  It is a  Jane Francis futuristic sedan probably from 1949.  Of course it shows its age, but what a great sleek design.  It’s funny to think of it as futuristic

A red Jane Francis Futuristic Sedan

Just a Few Flurries

Day 56 of 365

This morning greeted Raleigh with a few passing snow flurries.  Although I claim to be tired of snow, I  grabbed my camera and ran outside.

Snow on a cedar branch

Time Management

Day 55 of 365

These days I feel as though I’m battling the clock.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t get those hands to slow down. 

Close up of clock face


Day 54 of 365

This vibrant pansy rules the window box.



Day 53 of 365

Don’t let that nonchalant expression mislead you.  Daisy knows she’s not supposed to be on the table.

 Calico cat on kitchen table