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Still Snowed In

Day 31 of 365

This snow of 2010 seems to be sticking with us for a few days.  I was feeling a bit housebound this morning.  When I ventured out at 10:00 a.m., the temperature was a mere 19 degrees, but it felt better than my mid-day walk yesterday when I was assaulted with sleet.  However, I found the sidewalks to be much more icy, and after almost sliding down on Morgan Street, I abandoned my plans to see what businesses might be open on Fayetteville Street.  I had heard rumors that the new Krispy Kreme was open yesterday.  Oh, well . . . I didn’t really need a doughnut.

Today’s photograph shows the view of Fayetteville Street from the Capitol.

Looking down Fayetteville Street toward Memorial Auditorium; snow covered sidewalks and street


Snow in the City of Oaks

Day 30 of 365

Yes, yesterday’s clouds were definitely snow clouds.

Large copper acorn and snow cover in park (Moore Square)

Snow Clouds?

Day 29 of 365

Raleigh is anxiously awaiting the predicted arrival of snow/sleet.  What do you think?  Are those snow clouds?

Raleigh cityscape in winter with dark clouds

Mirror Image

Day 28 of 365

Woman with camera in mirror



Ice Cream Therapy

Day 27 of 365

It’s been one of those days . . .

Ben & Jerry's Triple Caramel Chunk Ice Cream


Day 26 of 365

Today is my birthday.  If you’re wondering, I am now thirty-eight years old.  I’m not one of those persons who fret over birthdays and getting older.  I am proud of my age and of all that I have learned on my way to thirty-eight.  So birthdays don’t bring me down with age worries.  Instead, I struggle with homesickness.  My birthday reminds me of  my family and friends who would celebrat with me at home, and sometimes I focus too much on missing them.  But this year, I’m focusing on the celebration.  I am thankful for my thirty-eight years and all of the wonderful people I love.  And I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

Pink spray roses




The Joy of Nice Socks

Day 25 of 365

These socks are not what I would typically choose for myself.  They’re a little bold.  They were a birthday gift a few years back from a grad school friend.  At first I thought they were one of those last-minute, got-to-grab-something kind of gifts.  They still had the price tag attached, and I immediately recognized that they were the most expensive pair of socks I had ever  owned.  Jason offered this explanation:  “You seem like the kind of person who would appreciate nice socks.”

I do appreciate my nice socks. Yes, they are a little bold, but it’s okay because they were a gift.  And they are too expensive for a poor graduate student, but that too is okay because they were a gift.  When I wear these socks, I think of Jason, and I’m thankful for a friend who knows how to squeeze a little luxury into life.

Blue Socks