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Welcome, Autumn

As September winds down, autumn is making its presence known.  This morning’s temperatures dipped into the 50s, and the air had that crisp feeling that’s so distinctive of fall.  Here at Haywood Hall, some of our trees are beginning to show their fall colors as you can see in this photo I took last weekend.  I was playing around with our old watering can, but the tree in the background almost steals the show.

Watering Can


Boiled Peanuts

As a friend said to me the other day, Daisy’s been sitting in that window for a long time.  The summer completely got away from me, and I gave almost no time to my photography interests.  I did take a few photos of Haywood Hall weddings, which you can find on the Haywood Hall blog

While I didn’t work in a lot of time for leisure this summer, I did make a few trips home in late August.  The timing was completely deliberate; I had to be sure to make it in time to enjoy my favorite summer treat — boiled peanuts.