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Daisy’s Window Seat

I haven’t had much time for photography lately.  Wedding season at Haywood Hall has demanded a good bit of my attention (I have photographed some of the wedding set-ups; those photos can be found on the Haywood Hall blog.).  NCSU may be out for the summer, but I still have lots of school work to keep me busy.  I’m working on my dissertation proposal and preparing for my comprehensive exams which I will be taking later this summer. 

All that is to say that I’ve been spending a lot of time at home and in the library.  It’s probably been good that I’ve been around home so much since Daisy Cat was sick last week.  I’m happy to report she’s feeling much better now — she’s back to perching between me and the keyboard while I type.

Here’s a photo I took of her earlier in May.  She spends hours each day lying on the back of the sofa and looking out of the window.  Wedding guests sometimes comment on seeing her there looking out at all of their activity.  She appears to watch their celebration with only a detached interest.  It’s when the squirrels are out that she gets excited.