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Historic Oak View County Park

Here’s another Wake County treasure.  Through Historic Oak View County Park, Wake County has beautfully preserved a 19th century cotton farm and created a wonderful education center.  For more information, visit their website:



Raleigh’s Salute to Our Troops

Today Raleigh hosted Salute to Our Troops, a huge event to show support and appreciation for the military.  Organizers stressed that today’s event was not about politics, but rather about the military personnel who defend our nation.

As I watched the parade, I thought of my former students who now serve in the military.  My sincerest prayer is that God will watch over and protect them.






This last shot caught me by surprise.  I wasn’t expecting to see Senator Dole on the back of a motorcycle.


Downtown Raleigh

My newest challenge is to get a great shot of downtown Raleigh.  I think it will be a fun ongoing project since construction is sure to keep the view interesting.


Downtown Raleigh