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Artist Rising

Sorry, everyone.  I hadn’t intended to neglect the blog.  I’ve had some computer issues that have made it difficult to keep updated.

Now that I’m back, I wanted to let you know that I have a gallery with Artist Rising, a company that allows artists to sell prints online.  So far I have three photographs available, and over the next few weeks, I plan to add more.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


One shot — Three Images

The digital darkroom has given photographers incredible control over post processing and thus allows for great experimentation.  Today I’m including an example to show how one simple shot can be edited to produce three rather different results.  I took this photograph in New Hill, a community just outside of Apex, NC. 

Image #1:  In this color version, I’ve saturated the colors to emphasize the contrast between the red  bricks and shingles and the blue sky.

 New Hill 1 — Color

Image #2:  Notice how the lighter areas sweep upward across the sky in this black and white version.  If you look at the color version, you can see that the contrast was already there, but this black and white edit really draws your attention to it.

New Hill 2 — Black & White

Image #3:  This edit is not my favorite.  I tend not to like photographs that are this soft.  However, I have a friend who prefers it for the eerie mood it creates.  Interestingly, this version draws the eye to the house in the background more than the other two edits do.

 New Hill 3 — Soft B&W

By Request: Meredith

Thanks for all of the emails about my blog.  It’s wonderful to hear from friends and get your opinions.  I have even gotten a couple of requests for photographs of Meredith College (Thank you, Angels.).  Looking through my files, I realized my Meredith pics aren’t my best work, but I’m still willing to share.  I’ll start with a night photo I took last September.   

Meredith at Night

I took this next one on Class Day in 2006.  The cones in the drive bother me.  I really should edit them out.

Meredith Class Day 2006

Finally here are two shots I took a week earlier that same year.  I just happened to be out and about early that Sunday morning and got a chance to see these bubbles in the fountain.  Why didn’t we think of that?

Suds in the Fountain
Iris & Suds

Cemetery Art

Is it weird that I like cemeteries?  They fascinate me.  I love to walk around, look at the gravemarkers, and think about the stories behind those stones.  Now they’ve become one of my favorite places to photograph.  One of my projects is a collection of cemetery statuary.  Last week I visited Oakwood Cemetery here in Raleigh and found these two guardians.

Oakwood 2

Oakwood 1

Historic Yates Mill

Happy New Year, everyone.  Here are some shots I took recently at Historic Yates Mill Park.  I’ve photographed the mill before, but last week was the first time I’ve dared go into the spill area.  There’s a sign asking visitors not to disturb the water snakes.  As many of you already know, such a request will typically send me running full speed away.  But somehow having the camera in my hand gives  me just a little more courage. 

Yates Mill 1


Yates Wheel


Yates Mill 2