Archive | December 2007

Long Exposures at the Capitol

Night shots of the North Carolina Capitol allow me to practice my long exposures.

NC Capitol (B&W)

After the Firefight, the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, is my favorite of the 14 statues on the Capitol grounds.  Initially, I was dissatisfied with the blown-out highlights in the background, but now I think the shot may capture the right mood for this close-up.


A Certain Quality of Spirit

“To use a camera as a means of artistic expression, a certain quality of spirit must be brought to aid light and air.” 

                                Bayard Wootten, 1926


This quotation is one of my favorites, and I hope it sets the tone for this blog.  I’ve discovered that photography is so much more than being able to snap a good picture.  As an art form, photography requires an investment of the self.  But while the creative act may be intensely personal, I often feel an equally intense need to share the result, the creation.  From that need comes this blog.