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To Read

Day 2 — I’ve made a number of resolutions for 2012, and one of them is to read for pleasure.  I feel as though I’m constantly reading, but it’s work, work, work.  It’s time I prioritize I devote more time to reading the books I want to read.

Photo taken with Samsung Mesmerize.


I Resolve

Day 1 of 366 — I tried the 365 project in 2010 and made it into the summer before dropping out. As I take on the challenge again, I am resolving to see it through until the end of 2012.  As for the content of today’s photo, I’m also resolving to give up my daily soda habit.



Photo taken with Samsung Mesmerize.

No Relation (Day 2)

Sign saying Long Farm

This sign on a farm along Highway 158 always catches my attention.

Happy 4th of July (Day 1)

American flag

Now that I’ve wrapped up summer school, I have six weeks of summer break, and I’m launching a new photo project:  42 Days of Summer. All photos will be taken with my camera phone (Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize).

The Model A Club

Today was my first Roanoke-Chowan Pork-Fest, and I’ve eagerly anticipated the event all week.  The barbecue was great, but the car show was my favorite part of the day.  These beauties are part of the Cape Henry Model A Ford Club.

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Headlights of Model A Fords


Sadly, last year’s 365 project came to a sudden halt in midsummer. I debated taking on the project again this year, but I decided that a daily photo might be too demanding. Instead I’m participating in 111 Pictures in 2011. The project provides a list of 111 topics and leaves it to the photographer to interpret and photograph each topic. Here’s my first photo: “Grounded” serves as my entry for topic #78 vehicle.

Army airplane mounted in front of airport